The buzz around Ozempic remains

The buzz around Ozempic remains
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

Ozempic remains the most talked about GLP1 Receptor Agonist drug on the market today, even though it's not technically approved for weight loss by the FDA.

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Celebrities, News shows, podcasts โ€“ everyone is talking about Ozempic and it's use by certain prominent people and what it can do for the average person.

Here are some videos from around the internet we've picked out:

Bloomberg has started calling Ozempic "the new Viagra:

Doctors and medical professionals are trying to educate people all the options out there (for those that Ozempic might not be a good fit):

Peter Attia continues to hop on podcasts and spread lessons learned from his practice and patients:

Doctors like Christy are trying to show people more about orally administered semaglutide (i.e. Rybelsus)

State legislatures (and many companies) are having conversations about whether GLP-1 drugs will be covered under health care plans:

Daily news shows are covering more and more of what life is like with Ozempic and other drugs:

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